About us

Who we are

The Purpose of Our Organisation

Manger Care Centre (MCC) creates an environment to positively uplift and empower vulnerable and destitute beneficiaries through its various initiatives. We achieve these goals through various programmes that provide feeding, clothing, skills development, stay & pay opportunities, 12 Step Recovery programme, Mental Health support service (South African Depression and Anxiety Group) and housing for these beneficiaries. By providing this assistance, MCC also gives hope by providing psychological and spiritual guidance counselling and emotional support services. MCC strives to make its beneficiaries feel that they are valuable and worthy members of society.

Our approach

Our Vision
To cultivate a caring and loving environment that enables positive upliftment and empowerment for the people.
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Our Mission
  • Manger Care Centre creates a loving environment and a home for people that are shunned from society
  • We enable positive upliftment and empowerment through various initiatives.┬áTo achieve our goals, we manage various projects to provide food, clothing, skills development, employment opportunities, rehabilitation services and housing for our beneficiaries
  • We give hope by providing access to psychological and spiritual guidance counselling for emotional upliftment and training on life skills
  • We encourage and make available on the job skills development and training, empowering the destitute and vulnerable people to feel that they are valuable and worthwhile members of society