MCC is involved in various community projects

MCC SD & ED Projects

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Manger Care Centre started its MCC SD & ED Skills & Economic Development project to increase sustainable agricultural economic development which falls in line with the 2030 National Development Plan of South Africa. MCC SD & ED Projects specialise in providing accredited agricultural training to rural communities. Situated in Benoni North AH our sustainable farm has 20 tunnels providing quality seedlings to surrounding farms and other projects. We offer a wide range of services which includes but is not limited to: Enterprise Development, Project Management, Consulting & Organisation, Development, Business Plan Writing, On- and Off-Site Accredited Agricultural training, End User Computing Training, Quality Control, MCC Training Venue Hire, Assessing of Plant Production level 1-4 POE’s and Moderating of Plant Production level 1-4 POE’s. Farm Building.


Greenhouse Tunnel Fabrication:

The setup of Greenhouse Tunnels from us is environmentally friendly and cost effective for the entrepreneur/farmer on a small or large scale.  Our Standard tunnel (30mX10m) can accommodate on average 2000 plants subject to plant spacing.  Tunnels can also be manufactured to client specification.

Shade net Structures built with gum poles are the alternative to open land farming, protecting crops from insects, hail and birds. In winter it’s warmer and in summer cooler due to the net covering. It is affordable and can cover large areas.

We have the expertise and knowledge to advise our clients on Greenhouse and Shade net tunnels, all accessories required for tunnel farming infrastructure.

General Fabrication:

Our general fabrication project supports the Tunnel Fabrication in a sustainable way.  Any steel work from building trailers, gas cages, palisade fencing, car ports or custom steelwork built to your specification painted and sprayed.  In addition we service and maintain tractor and farm implements and general vehicle maintenance.


Our AgriSETA Accredited Training Centre with extension of scope with the various SETA’s, is established on the premises and is geared to train all beneficiaries that apply for admission to our Centre’s, and enable them to qualify for mainstream employment or establish self-sustainable agricultural enterprises. This project changes the lives of beneficiaries who are currently unemployed, destitute and living in poverty.



Mcc Eden

Eden is situated in Benoni and supports abused woman and children, recovering addicts, ex-parolees, the unemployed, destitute and physically challenged persons and elderly. All admissions to Eden must be in a position to care for themselves and perform physical tasks/work.


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Services at Manger Marine are provided at a nominal charge to the elderly and disabled reliant on an Old Age Pension (SOAP), which provides support to men over 65 and to women over the age of 60. The second is the Disability Grant (DG), which provides support to adults with disabilities. Manger Marine provides independent living facilities to these groups of beneficiaries. We rely heavily on contributions from local businesses and individuals to provide these services. Manger Marine supports the principle of Healthy and Active Ageing.

Manna Soup Kitchen

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Manna Soup Kitchen provides the basic supplies and ingredients for meals which are cooked on site by the beneficiaries. We also provide clothing and any other goods if and when available.

This give these learners at 43 Early Childhood Development Centres (over 2000 children and growing) the edge to provide them with enough energy to enhance concentration in class and to keep learners nourished. Food is a practical yet vital way we can serve those in need.


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Manger Care Centre Bakery was started in July of 2009 as part of a self-sustainability and income generating project, boasting a fully equipped bakery in which staff/beneficiaries are trained to become fully qualified to operate in this professional environment. MCC Bakery has established itself in the niche market of providing fresh homemade bread, delectable biscuits and light meals to order.

Benoni Boksburg Association for the Physically Disabled (Robmen House)
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Robmen House was established in 1985 to give care and attention to physically challenged people. This home has the capacity to house 20 disabled people who are unable to afford care in a private facility. The residence also has a charity shop on the premises assist them to generate additional income to supplement their government pensions and grants.


MCC Upolstery

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Sustainable project doing upholstery work for private individuals and companies, supplementing its income by re-purposing linen donated by major hotel groups and individuals.

MCC Hampers

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Our gratuity hampers are offered as a gesture of thanks for your financial support to MCC. Also great for corporate gifting as a sustainable project to MCC.

MCC Carpentry

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Sustainable income generating project for Manger Care Centre supplying gifting material to MCC hampers and to clients to order.

MCC Community Hall

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Available for hall rentals and utilised for community meetings and functions.